Archive 2014


The strain state under severe plastic deformation by dual-angular equal-channel extrusion
(J. Genov, V. Kamburov, A. Nikolov, Y. Sophronov)

Case study on welding hazards affecting industrial safety
( S . Galaţanu, L . Kun, H . Daşcău, M . Döme )
Failure analysis of broken turbo wheel flange
( J. Bendayan)
Innovative eco-dyed composites obtained by inclusion procedure
( D. Coman, N. Vrînceanu, S. Oancea)

Aspects regarding friction stir welding of copper Cu 99
(R. Cojocaru, L. Boţilă, C. Ciucă, V. Verbiţchi, A. Perianu)

The use of non-contact optical systems for determination of fracture mechanics parameters
(B. Djordjevic, A. Sedmak, S. Sedmak, U. Tatić, M. Pavišić, J. Perović, M. Milošević)
Plasma and electric arc thermal spraying - achievements and perspectives
(S. Drăgoi, R.M. Dobra)
Geometry influence of materials surface on the quality of ultrasonic metal welding
(N.A. Sîrbu, O. Oancă, C. Ciucă)
Development of an experimental program for optimizing of process parameters used in high frequency welding of PVC coated PE fabrics
(L. Kun, A.C. Murariu, A.-V. Bîrdeanu, K.-N. Kun)
Joining of composite materials based on Al-Si alloys by using the GMAW process
(M. Kočić, A. Vencl, I. Bobić, M. Ristić, M. Antić, Z. Milutinović)
Aspects concerning ultra-acoustic energy utilization in joining techniques of polymeric materials in automotive industry
(O. Oancă, N.-A. Sîrbu)
The evaluation of welded joints type cracking tube-weldolet composed of Ni-Cr based super alloys
(R.M. Dobra, D.R. Pascu, N.Farbas, D. Popa)

Laser Simulated Imperfection (LSI) for remaining life assessment of the thermoplastic pipes
(A.C. Murariu; A.-V. Bîrdeanu)

Experimental and numerical analysis of resistance spot welded joints on DP600 sheets
(Z. Bézi, B. Baptiszta, S. Szávai)
Friction stir welding behaviour of S420MC steel
(R. Cojocaru, L.Boțilă, C. Ciucă)
Requirements and possibilities of the ecological welding processes
(V. Verbițchi, R. Cojocaru, L. Boțilă)

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