Archive 2017

Innovative solutions for ultrasonic joining
(N.A. Sîrbu, O. Oancă, D. Ionescu)
Method of measuring the abrasive-water jet diameter, for the cutting process control
(I.A. Perianu, D. Ionescu, V. Verbitchi)
Finite element analysis of fatigue behavior of Duplex treated EN 34CrNiMo6 steel
(R.M. Buzdugan, I. Mitelea, C. Cioana)
Method for using waste abrasive material
(I.A. Perianu, I. Şerban)
Friction Stir Soldering (FSS)
(R. Cojocaru, V. Verbiţchi, H.F. Daşcău, L.N. Boţilă, C. Ciucă)
Finite element analysis of thermal distributions in dissimilar friction stir welding of copper and aluminum alloy
(M. Iordache, E. Niţu, C. Bădulescu, B. Radu, C. Ciucă)
Re-use of an existing steel structure as part of sustainable development
(A. Feier, A. Radomir, R. Băncilă)
Method for using waste abrasive material from abrasive waterjet cutting
(I. Şerban, A. Perianu, D. Ionescu)

Influence of abrasive material on abrasive waterjet cutting process
(I. A. Perianu, D. Ionescu, C. Ciucă)

Laser heating of polypropylene – effects of interaction
(I. D. Savu, S. V. Savu)

Researches regarding glass joining using hybrid microwave-resistance thermal source
(S. V. Savu, I. D. Savu)

Contributions to the development of modern riveting processes
(L. N. Boţilă; R. Cojocaru; C. Ciucă; V. Verbiţchi; I. A. Perianu)

Characterization of surfaces and gases dynamics in HVOF thermal spray systems
(I.A. Perianu, D. Ionescu)
Research regarding behavior simulation when heating metallic materials
(E. Binchiciu, G.-V. Mnerie, M. Nicolaescu)

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