Archive 2015


FSW – TIG Welding of Cu 99 Copper
(R. Cojocaru, C. Ciucă, L. Boţilă, V. Verbiţchi)

Evaluation of damage caused by artificial aging on the solvent-based ink printed layer of PVC coated PES fabrics
(L. Kun, A.C. Murariu, S.-V. Galaţanu, K.-N. Kun)

Examination of harmful emissions by welding with coated electrodes
(V. Verbiţchi, R. Cojocaru, L. Boţilă, C. Ciucă)

Study of fatigue behaviour of Duplex treated steels using finite element analysis
(R.M. Buzdugan, D. Buzdugan, V. Tut, C. Cioană, I. Serban)


Considerations regarding the factors that monitor cold cracking of welded joints
(V. Micloși, H. Dașcău)

Experimental research on ultrasonic joining of metallic materials used in the automotive industry
(V. A. Neag, N. A. Sîrbu, L. Kun, L. Udrescu)

Necuron 600 proposed as mechanical model for human cancellous bone from the femoral head
(K.-N. Kun, L. Kun, L. Bogdan, C.-S. Neş, N. Faur, B. Andor)

Exploratory researches regarding surface depositions using HVOF thermal spraying process
(I.-A. Perianu, R. Cojocaru)

Determination of stress intensity factor for a pressure vessel with two holes arranged longitudinally
(S.-V. Galațanu, C. Neș, L. Kun)

Tailoring laser welding for complex applications
(E. Assunção, L. Quintino, J. Sundqvist, A.F.H. Kaplan)
Ferrite-austenite welded joint elastic-plastic behaviour
(A. Sedmak, R. Bakić, R. Jovičić, S. Sedmak, M. Milošević)
Robotic FSW for three-dimensional components
(J. De Backer, X. Wei, J. Martin)
Improving quality of new fillers for arc welding
(N. Bajić, M. Rakin, M. Mrdak,, D. Veljic, Z. Karastojković)
Influence of tool shoulder geometry on mechanical properties and roughness of FSW joints
(S. Balos, L. Sidjanin, M. Dramicanin, D. Labus, A. Antic)
Tempering of continuous and pulse current GTA welds of AISI 420 (1.4021) martensitic stainless steel
(T. Iamboliev)
Increasing the productivity of tungsten inert gas welding
(J. Dobránszky, T. Sándor)
Investigations of precipitation in two different types of precipitation hardening stainless steels
(S. Sakhawat, M.N. Baig, A.Falahati, H.P. Degischer, M. Dománková, A. Mahmood)
Assessing the size of lack-of-fusion imperfections in MIG/MAG welds using Computed Tomography
(M. Jovanović, M. Uran, D. Zuljan, D. Jovanović)

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