Archive 2013

Superposition of effects for the mechanical structures fatigue calculation
( V. Jinescu, N. Teodorescu)
Application of Risk Based Inspection to heat exchangers of a chemical plant for heavy water production
( A.C. Murariu, N. Paşca)
Concerns on the development of the amorphous alloys in bulk and ribbon form
( V.-A. Şerban, C. Codrean)
Design elements used in the construction of a wheeled mini-robot destined for special applications
( S.M. Petrişor, G. Bârsan, A.I. Husti)
New variants of the overlaying processes
( V. Verbitchi)
Plasma welding – State of the Art
(D. Böhme, H. Cramer)
Optimization of welding of wire crossings using energetic method
(E. Forgács, G. Moór, J. Gyeviki, I. Bíró)
Testing the wear on the hardened surface layers
(C. Săceanu, M. Demian, G. Demian)
Comparative study regarding the generation of circular profiles through cutting
(O. Bologa, G. Racz, R. Breaz, M. Crenganis)
Application possibilities of the friction stir welding process to dissimilar aluminum alloys
(R. Cojocaru, L. Boțilă, C. Ciucă)

Optimization of the electrode processing methodology for spot welding of aluminium
(M. Mueller, H. Cramer, T. Bschorr)

Analysis of the influence of tensile loading rate and artificial aging on the mechanical properties of Vinnol-based polymeric membranes
(L. Kun, A.C. Murariu, L. Macarie, N. Pleşu)

Contributions to the development of friction stir welding process (FSW)
(R. Cojocaru, L. Boţilă, C. Ciucă, V. Verbiţchi, H. Daşcău)

Contributions to laser material processing
(A.-V. Bîrdeanu)


Friction stir welding of structural steel S235 and S355
(R. Szabo, L. Bergmann, J. dos Santos)

Computer simulation of spray deposition process for Al1.0Si0.6Mg0.6Mn alloy
(M. Kocic, M. Prvulovic, S. Linic, M. Ristić, M. Prokolab)

Analysis of compressor valves bolts failure
(S. Budimir, A. Alil, M. Ristic, M. Kocic, B. Katavic)

Stress analyses and optimization of bus chassis using software package CATIA and comparative methods
(I. Vasovic, M. Ristić, M. Radosavljevic, Z. Milutinovic, M. Kocic)


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