Archive 2011



Resampling simulation of material testing data. "BOOTSTRAP" method. Part I – Theoretical bases.
(D.D. Cioclov)
Orbital friction welding of metallic materials and dissimilar material joints on non-rotationally symmetrical joining cross-sections
(F. Zech, H. Cramer, L. Appel, M. Serve)
Structural and mechanical characterization of titanium nitride layers obtained by plasma thermal spraying
(R.A. Roşu, V.A. Şerban, D.R. Pascu, S. Drăgoi)
Tsai Wu failure criterion applied to carbon fiber reinforced plastics with woven fabric reinforcement
(R. Grimberg, A.Savin, R. Steigmann, A. Andreescu)
Finite element simulation of cracked weldments - the effect of under- and overmatching
(T. Aburuga, A. Sedmak, S. Sedmak, G. Adziev, I. Hut)
Local approach for prediction of ductile fracture initiation in welded specimens
(B. Younise, M. Rakin, B. Medjo, A. Sedmak)


On failure risk simulation in pressure vessels and pipe systems. Static analysis.
(D.D. Cioclov)
Short circuit GMA welding process quality assessment based on electric arc acoustic emissions
(E. Huanca Cayo, S.C. Absi Alfaro)
Causes of hydrogen embrittlement in the case of drawn-arc stud welding
(H. Cramer, D. Böhme, A. Jenicek)
Diagnosing stress state on the welded structure P frame of rotary excavator obtained by thermography, tensometry and fracture mechanics methods
(M. Prokolab, Z. Milutinović, N. Marković, D. Jovanović, M. Prvulović, J. Ignjatović, I. Vasović)
Pulsed LASER-TIG hybrid welding of coated unalloyed steel thin sheets
(V. Bîrdeanu, C. Ciucă, M. Iacob)

Numerical simulation of the plunge stage in friction stir welding - different tools
(H. Daşcău, A. Sedmak, M. Rakin, D. Veljić, M. Perović, B. Medjo and N. Bajić)

Structural and mechanical properties of different hard welded coatings for impact plate for ventilation mill
(A. Alil, B. Katavić, M. Ristić, D. Jovanović, M. Prokolab, S. Budimir, M. Kočić)
Solid-state diffusion bonding
(C. Voican, C. Stănescu)
Laser welding process of stainless steel used for biomedical applications
(K. Colić, S. Petronic, A. Sedmak, A. Milosavljević, Z. Kovacević)
Dissimilar friction stir welding of EN AW 6082 - EN AW 5083 aluminium alloys
(R. Gabor, R. Cojocaru, C. Ciucă, L. Boţilă)
Structural health monitoring. A new paradigm in the assessment structural integrity.
(DD. Cioclov)
Application of thermography in diagnosing behavior of metallic materials under dynamic loading conditions
( M. Kutin, S. Ristic, M. Puharic)
Chemical, structural, mechanical and corrosion characterization of the extraction pipes of natural gas
(D.R. Pascu, R. Roşu, V. Deac)

Monitoring and control methods of friction stir welding process
(R. Cojocaru, V. Verbiţchi, L. Boţilă, C. Ciucă, A. Perianu)

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