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Strength and fatigue of nano-materials. Part VI - Dislocations Dynamics (A)
(D.D. Cioclov)

Loading rate effect on fracture strength of HSLA steel welded joints
(V. Grabulov, E. Romhanji, S. Sedmak, Z. Odanovic)

Pre-loading fatigue and creep influence on elasto-plastic strain characteristic
(H. Mateiu, V.V. Jinescu, A. Murariu)








Strength and fatigue of nano-materials. Part VI - Dislocations Dynamics (B)
(D.D. Cioclov)

Inner Eddy current transducer with rotating magnetic field. Application to examination of fuel channels of PHWR nuclear power plant.
(R. Grimberg , N. Farbaş , L. Udpa, A. Savin, S. Leiţoiu, S.S. Udpa)

Characterization of ceramic microlayers deposited by plasma spraying and remelted by concentrated energy beams
(D.R. Pascu, M. Pascu, V. Bîrdeanu, S. Drăgoi)

Water-jet cutting optimization for fritted materials. Case study: cutting alumina.
(I. Perianu, M. Vasilescu, E. Cicală, D. Ionescu)






Strength and Fatigue of Nano-Materials. Part VII – Dislocations Structuring. A - Phenomenology and Continuum Approach.
(D.D. Cioclov)

New Insights into Fundamentals of the MIG/MAG Welding
(A. Scotti)

Application of Diode and CO 2 Lasers in Laser-Plasma Welding of
Thin Sheet Aluminum Alloys
(I.V. Krivtsun, V.Yu. Khaskin, A.S. Zatserkovny , A.V. Bernatsky)




Strength and fatigue of nano-materials. Part VII – Dislocations structuring. B – Dislocations dynamics and stochastic methods.
(D.D. Cioclov)

C rack propagation sensitivity index – the communication interface between engineers and economists
(L. Tóth, Sz. Szávai, N. Szűcs)

Laser – TIG hybrid micro-welding process developments
(V. Bîrdeanu, D. Dehelean, S. Savu)

Reactive-flux brazing of aluminium to stainless steel
(V.F. Khorunov, O.M. Sabadash)


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