Archive 2019


Possibilities of joining steel S235 using the friction stir welding process assisted by TIG
(C. Ciucă, R. Cojocaru, L.Boţilă, C. Verşan-Roşu)

Excavator bucket in a repetitive preventive maintenance system
(D. Tihanov-Tănăsache, C. Verşan-Roşu, E. Binchiciu)

The replacement of resistance welding with laser beam welding
(A. Maloveczky)

Automated system for non-destructive examination of tube plates
(I. Harjan, D. Ionescu, C. Verşan-Roşu)

Original construction set for colleges and secondary schools. An innovation.
(L. Poczók)


Studies on welding parameters and prediction of imperfections and mechanical properties in the GMAW process
(A. C. Murariu, A. V. Bîrdeanu, O. R. Zaporojan)

Influence of the material defects on the absorption and conversion capacity of the microwaves in heat
(S.V. Savu, I.D. Savu)

Friction stir processing in multiple passes of cast aluminum alloy EN AW 4047 (AlSi12)
(L.-N. Boţilă, R. Cojocaru, C. Ciucă)


Friction stir processing in multiple passes of cast aluminum alloy EN AW 5083 (AlMg4.5Mn0.7)
(L.-N. Boţilă,, R. Cojocaru, V. Verbiţchi , C. Ciucă)

A review on current trends of additive manufacturing technologies
( G.-V. Mnerie, E. F. Binchiciu)

New ecologic method for joining of titanium alloys
(L.-N. Boţilă, R. Cojocaru, C. Ciucă)


New possibilities of applying the friction stir welding process
(R. Cojocaru, L.-N. Boţilă,, V. Verbiţchi , I.-A. Perianu, C. Ciucă)

Simulation of dynamic load of individual and collective protection elements elaborated from high entropy alloys
(I. Ştefan, R.C. Marin, M. Ciornei, I.D. Savu, S.V. Savu)

Tubular electrode for hardfacing using GTAW technology
(I. Voiculescu, V. Geanta, E. Binchiciu, R. Stefanoiu)

KBS-Weld - cloud based platform for design of the welding procedure specification
(A. C. Murariu, A. G. Cuetos, J. A. Sánchez del Rivero)


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