Archive 2016


Metal Additive Manufacturing: an Overview
(F. Silva, L. Quintino, M.F. Vaz, E. Assunção)

Finite element study regarding the influence of the cement mantle thickness on the stress distribution in a cemented hip joint
(L. Bogdan, K.-N. Kun, C. Sticlaru, C. Neș, N. Faur)
Research on the carburizing process of the sintered and superficial densified steels
(A. Calopereanu, C. Nicolicescu, V.H. Nicoară)

Spot weld growth on medium carbon steel. Part 2: Servo based electrode actuation system
(Nachimani Charde)

Prediction of stress distribution of pressure vessel shell using numerical simulation
(M. Prvulovic, M. Ristic, S. Budimir, M. Prokolab, Z. Milutinovic)

Seismic strengthening of masonry using some advanced composite materials
(C.S. Dragomir, D. Dobre, E.S. Georgescu)


Cavitation behaviour of 21TiMnCr12 steel
(I. Bordeaşu, N.A. Sîrbu, O. Oancă, L.D. Pîrvulescu, I. Pădurean, L.M. Borca, L.M. Micu )

Microwave-resistive hybrid thermal source for soldering alloys and metal-ceramics composites
(S.V. Savu, I. Ciupitu, N.A. Sîrbu, I.D. Savu, G.C. Benga)

Modern methods of joining by riveting
(R. Cojocaru, L.N. Boţilă, V. Verbiţchi, C. Ciucă, I.A. Perianu)

Alternative processes for rapid joining technologies
(L.N. López de Lacalle, G. Urbikain, I. Azkona, E. Zumalde, L. Okariz, V. Verbitchi, M. Vlascici)


Friction drilling, form tapping and rotary broaching for fast joining technologies
(L.N. López de Lacalle, G. Urbikain Pelayo, I. Azkona, E. Zumalde, L. Okariz)

Optimizing ultrasonic joining technologies of composite polymer materials
(N.A. Sîrbu, O. Oancă )

Evaluation of mechanical properties by instrumented indentation of Duplex treated steels
(R.M. Buzdugan, I. Mitelea)
Abrasive wear resistance of HVOF thermal sprayed WC-CrC-Ni coatings
(R.M. Buzdugan, A.C. Murariu, I.-A. Perianu, N. Simon)

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