Archive 2010




Creep-fatigue assessment of welded components
(B. Dogan)

Joining processes for shape memory alloys – A review
(R.M. Miranda, L. Alberty Vieira, F.M. Braz Fernandes, L. Quintino)

Determination of the momentum of droplets impinging on the pool during aluminium GMAW
(A. Scotti, C.E. Aguiar, L. Rodrigues)

Application of infrared thermography in the non‑destructive examination of friction stir welds
(V. Safta)

Friction stir welding of AA 5083-H111 alloy
(R. Gabor, A. Roos, J.dos Santos, L. Bergmann)

Laser texturing to improve the tribologic behavior of polymeric surfaces
(A. Han, A. Nichici, G. Pillon)



Key technologies welding and joining
(U. Dilthey)

The special importance of personnel competence in welding fabrication
(T. Jessop, C. Eady)

Fundamentals and descriptions of plasma jet formation, arc trajectory and arc magnetic blow as a mean of facing correlated welding problems
(A. Scotti)

Integrated simulation of mechanical behavior of metallic materials. From nano- to macroscopic scale.
(D.D. Cioclov)

Advanced ultrasonic system for improved efficiency in pipelines inspection
(N. Pedrosa, D.l Leitão, P. Barros, L. Quintino)

New NDT approaches to monitor the friction stir welding process and to inspect the welding quality
(B. Wolter, T. Jene, C. Conrad, G. Dobmann)

Welding fume - Risk assessment and preventive measures
(V.E. Spiegel-Ciobanu)


Strength and Fatigue of Nano-Materials. Part VIII – Metals Fatigue. A – Mechanisms.
(D.D. Cioclov )

Application of the Omega Method (API 579-1/ASME FFS‑1) to the life assessment of a service exposed component and possible, further investigations on welded joints creep behaviour
(G.L. Cosso, C. Servetto)

Assessment of ductile fracture initiation in welded joints with two weld metals
(B. Medjo, M. Rakin, N. Gubeljak, J. Predan, K. Čolić, A. Sedmak)

Advanced hardness techniques for small-scale-joints characterization
(Y. Rosenthal, A. Stern, I. Rosenthal)

Non-destructive testing of specimens obtained by friction stir welding for aeronautical applications
(A. Manescu, V. Calbucci, F. Fiori, F. Acerra, G. Campanile)

Innovation in teaching methodologies in welding - distance learning tool for welding engineering
(T. Rosado, L. Quintino, F. Moll)


Strength and Fatigue of Nano-Materials. Part VIII - Metals Fatigue. B - Simulation.
(D.D. Cioclov)

Robustness demands for structural joints of multistory steel building frames prone to extreme actions
(F. Dinu, D. Dubină, D. Grecea)

Resonant ultrasound spectroscopy: theory and some applications
(R. Grimberg, A. Savin, R. Steigmann, P. Botez, P.D. Bârsănescu)

Influence of local damage of pipe elbows on the integrity and reliability of welded pipelines
(M. Arsić, A. Sedmak, Z. Savić, Ž. Šarkočević)

Mechanical performances of friction stir welding applied to aluminium alloys
(R. Gabor, J. dos Santos, R. Băncilă)

New technology for stainless steels brazing with copper based amorphous alloys
(C. Codrean, V.A. Şerban, C. Stoian)


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