Archive 2007


Recent innovations in electron beam welding
(D. von Dobeneck, T. Loewer)
Influence of the weldstrength mis-match on HAZ cracked specimens fracture
(G. Adziev, T. Adziev, A. Sedmak)
TIG, laser beam and resistance projection microwelding
(Sz. Bella, A. Bernáth, J. Dobránszky)

Modern methods to assess the quality of thermoplastic pipelines
(A. Murariu)




Strength and Fatigue of Nano-Materials. Part I - Deformation and static strength.
(D.D. Cioclov)
Flow and plastic deformation during friction stir welding (FSW)
(B. Radu, R. Susan-Resiga, D. Dehelean, V. Safta)
Investigating the polymers weldability by using an equivalent material
(M. Ilie, S. Matteï, J-C. Kneip, A. Nichici)

Laser usage for removable partial dentures frameworks repairs
(L. Sandu, V. Bîrdeanu, C. Borţun, F. Topală, S. Porojan)




Strength and Fatigue of Nano-Materials. Part II – Molecular Dynamics Simulation
(D.D. Cioclov)
Properties of MIG brazed joints of thin sheet
(D. Iordăchescu, M. Iordăchescu, L. Quintino, R.M. Miranda
Hybrid process for joining - electrical by pressure and with ultrasounds
(O. Oancă, N.A. Sîrbu)

Friction Spot and Friction Stir Spot Welding Processes – A Literature Review
(A. Da Silva,  M. Tier,  L. Bergman, T. Rosendo, F. Ramos, J. Mazzaferro,  C. Mazzaferro,  T. Strohaecker,   J. Dos Santos)




Strength and Fatigue of Nano-Materials. Part III – Quantum Mechanics Methods.
(D.D. Cioclov)
Hysteresis, temperature and resistance measurements for the characterisation of the fatigue behaviour of metals
(P. Starke, F. Walther and D. Eifler)
Eddy current method for characterizing the tubes under pressure in CANDU PHWR
(R. Grimberg, S. Leitoiu, N. Farbas, Adriana Savin, Rozina Steigmann, Nicoleta Iftimie, Alina Bruma, R. Cojocaru, I.R. Popovici)

New sensors in welding technologies
(S.Savu, D.Savu)



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