Archive 2006


Significance of creep crack initiation for defect assessment
(B. Dogan, B. Petrovski, U. Ceyhan)
Structural degradation analysis of the 16Mo3 steel pipe working in a thermal circuit of medium pressure and temperature
(D.R. Pascu, A. Bobic, V. Mazâlu)
Assessing the in service reliability of industrial installations on the basis of nondestructive examinations
(T. Fleşer, H. Mateiu, S. Cucu)

Optimizing synergic regimes in pulsed MIG welding
(L. Mistodie)




The welding world is changing
B. Pekkari)
Welding and joining – Key technologies for the future
(U. Dilthey, L. Stein)
Ultrasonic welding of advanced biocompatible and shape memory alloys
(D. Dehelean, O. Oancă, V. Budău, V Şerban, C. Codrean, M. Crăciunescu)

Case study on applying maintenance and risk based inspection concepts in components which are parts of a live steam pipeline in thermal power plants
(H. Mateiu, N. Farbaş, Gh. Băltean)




Current status in the mathematical modelling of weld phenomena
(H. Cerjak
, E. Kozeschnik)
International education, qualification and certification systems in welding
(L. Quintino
, R. Rerraz, I. Fernandes)
Risk based approach - the interface between the economists and engineers in structural integrity assessment
(L. Toth

Flow rate nanosensor for shielding gas welding systems
(D. Savu
, S. Savu)





New sensors for nondestructive testing and material evaluation
(M. Kröning)
The influence of various regimes of heat processing on the erosion resistance of the austenitic stainless steel GX5CrNi19-10
(M. Truşculescu, I. Pădurean)
Glass solders and their application at laser soldering in microtechniques
(G. Köhler, S. Kasch, J, Pfeifer, M. Neuhguser)

The influence of pulse parameters on the effective voltage and effective intensity in MIG pulsed welding of AlMgSi0.5 alloy
(V-I. Safta)



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