Archive 2005



Simulating imperfections in PEHD pipes butt fusion welding
(Alin Murariu)

Ultrasonic welding of shunts in electrotehnics
(Octavian Oancă, Daniel Ciurea)

The evaluation of pitting corrosion phenomena in pulsed TIG and MIG welded joints made out of X2CrNiMoN22-5-3 duplex steel
(Andreea Bobic, Mihaela Pascu, Zoltan Demeter)





Comparative evaluation of the metallurgical heterogeneous zones reliability in a live steam pipeline
(Traian Fleşer, Radu Românu, Steliana Cucu)

Technological aspects in MIG/MAG surfacing by welding of gray cast iron parts
(Lucian Drăguţ, Andreea Bobic, Constantin Zelenco)

Structural mechanical characterization and thermal stability of electron beam welded high power electrical contacts
(Doru-Romulus Pascu, Victor Proca, Sanda Cotescu)




Latest developments and applications of GMA brazing
(Ulrich Dilthey, Frank Höcker)

General principles regarding the rehabilitation of steel bridges
(Radu Băncilă, Edward Petzek, Dorel Bolduş)









Surfacing through MAG welding with strip electrode
(Corina-Dana June, Dieter Böhme, Stefan Pommer, Ludwig Baum, Siegfried Hölldobler)

Dependence of welding residual strains on the ratio between linear energy and cross-sectional area of a welded element
(Doru Dumbravă, Gheorghe Gliţă, Viorel Stancu, Andrei Magda)

New informatization solutions for the creep fracture testing of heat resistant steels
(Alin Murariu; Manuel Scopecz)


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